Pep Van Styling with Peppeard Design

We are now offering a limited number of Pep Van styling sessions each month!
  1. Do you love all of The Pep Line products, but have no idea how to style them in your home?
  2. Do you have shelves, counters & tables that are sitting empty because you are terrified of ‘doing it all wrong’?
  3. Would you love for Shannon from Peppeard Design to show up at your doorstep with a car full of pillows, furniture, rugs, baskets, art, pottery & lamps? 
  1. This $200 initial fee covers the first hour of your in-home consult. 
  2. This service requires a minimum purchase amount of $2,500 of furniture & accessories. 
  3. Shannon comes to your home for a 1-hour consult to view your space, discuss ideas and budget.
  4. The Peppeard Design / Pep Line team makes a plan for the space and shows up at your home with the Pep Van full of furniture and accessories. 
  5. Shannon will work her magic styling your space!

NOTE: Once you place your order for Pep Van Styling, our team will be in touch to schedule your consult.

 In-home styling is available within 25 miles of 60174.

$200 initial payment covers a one-hour consult. Each hour of design, delivery and install will be billed at $200 per hour. Projects range from 8-10 hours for design, delivery and install, depending on the number of rooms and size.


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